BensiSkin Correct with Retin A


BensiSkin Correct with Retin A

The BensiSkinTM skincare line is designed to make clinical skin care simple yet feel luxurious with lasting results. Nutrient rich anti-oxidants revitalize skin and restore natural balance and skin health, giving skin a radiant glow. Give skin 1-2 skin cycles (6-12 weeks) to see optimal results. Best outcomes are achieved when these products are used within one of our proprietary and scientifically proven BensiSkinTM Systems.

Fortified with Kojic acid, Hydroxy acids, Vitamin C and Green Tea, Correct with Retin A is a lightweight, breathable cream that penetrates skin for a healthy, vibrant look. A more even complexion and skin tone is achieved as dark spots and discoloration are visibly diminished with this unique skin brightener. Correct with Retin A is best for drier skin types and will be customized to each patient.

Correct with Retin A is a rich, prescriptive cream that yields the most dramatic change to skin and substantially improves skin health. This product is customized to your unique anti-aging needs targeting fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots, while improving the tone and texture of skin. This is one of the strongest topical anti-aging products we carry intended for patients who are committed to obtaining real, dramatic improvement to their skin. Requires a consult before prescribing and a prescription to order. Prescriptions are good for one year.

Instructions: Provided at consultation with a prescription. For optimal results, combine with a BensiSkinTM Skincare System.

Our Promise: In keeping with our commitment to improve the health of people and planet we are proudly PF (Paraben free), FF (Fragrance Free), GF (Gluten Fee) and ACF (Animal Cruelty Free). 100% money back guarantee.


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