BensiSkin Anti-Oxidant Wash


BensiSkin Anti-Oxidant Wash

The BensiSkinTM skincare line is designed to make clinical skin care simple yet feel luxurious with lasting results. Nutrient rich anti-oxidants revitalize skin and restore natural balance and skin health, giving skin a radiant glow. Give skin 1-2 skin cycles (6-12 weeks) to see optimal results. Best outcomes are achieved when these products are used within one of our proprietary and scientifically proven BensiSkinTM Systems.

A light and refreshing, clinical Anti-Oxidant Wash is a foaming cleanser designed to remove oil and debris for the cleanest, clearest skin.

Anti-Oxidant Wash contains non-acidic, emollient esters of Vitamin C and Vitamin E, along with Green Tea Extract. This anti-oxidant cleanser can be used along with hydroxyacids and retinoids in skin renewal regimens. May be used by patients with sensitive skin or used after treatments that leave skin dry and irritated.

Instructions: Pump once into hand, add a small amount of water (approximately a 1/ 2 tsp) and rub hands together to create the foam.  Apply to all areas of the face, neck and chest and rinse with water.  You may also gently rinse with a washcloth or use in the shower. Pat skin dry. For optimal results, combine with a BensiSkinTM Skincare System.

Our Promise: In keeping with our commitment to improve the health of people and planet we are proudly PF (Paraben free), FF (Fragrance Free), GF (Gluten Fee) and ACF (Animal Cruelty Free). 100% money back guarantee.

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